Los videos 360 grados de Facebook

Hace algún tiempo, Youtube anunció sus videos en 360 grados. Facebook, quien anda en la búsqueda de conquistar el mercado de los videos, no se ha quedado atrás. 

El mes pasado, Facebook también anunció la implementación de videos 360 grados, tanto para su versión web, como para las apps en smartphones.

Así es como funciona:

Today we’re launching 360 video on Facebook. Starting very soon, anyone will be able to upload 360 video, and if you’re on a desktop or Android (or an iPhone in the coming months), you can pan around the video while it’s playing in your News Feed. On the phone especially, slowly turning around and tilting your device up and down to watch a scene as it’s playing is a really cool experience that takes you somewhere else. It’s the kind of thing that you run over to show someone else the moment you first see it. To showcase the technology, Disney is releasing a brand new, exclusive 360 experience for the upcoming Star Wars film today on Facebook, which will allow viewers to explore the planet Jakku while traveling on Rey’s speeder. I’m embarrassed to say I don’t know what that means, but we are honored to have such a legendary launch partner. A bunch of great partners have come up with really interesting takes on what can be done with 360 that are also launching today — shark diving with the Discovery Channel, on the set of the 40th anniversary of SNL, on-the-ground reporting in Afghanistan from VICE, motocross riding in the Idaho desert with with GoPro, LeBron James taking you inside his training routine. It’s an open-ended format, so we’re really excited to see what creators around the world come up with as they get their hands on it.
Posted by Chris Cox on Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Este es el video que se usa como ejemplo, para demostrar cómo se puede interactuar con este tipo de videos. Claro, no es el único, algunos aliados de la red social ya han empezado a lanzar contenidos con esta característica. Basta con hacer clic y arrastrar para usar la vista 360.

360 Videos on Facebook
We're launching 360 video on Facebook. To create 360 videos, a special set of cameras are used to record 360 degrees of a scene simultaneously. So when you watch 360 videos on Facebook, you can choose what angle you want to see it from. Starting today, you'll be able to view these videos on the web or on Android devices. We plan to roll this out for iOS devices in the coming months. We hope you enjoy this immersive view of the Jakku desert from Star Wars.
Posted by Facebook on Thursday, September 24, 2015

Qué te parece? Crees que este puede competir contra la tecnología implementada recientemente por YouTube?

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